The process of selling your home can be emotional and overwhelming, which is why having a compassionate and knowledgeable seller’s agent is so important. 

for sellers

As your SELLER’s agent I will:

I know how hard it can be to say goodbye, and I will be sensitive to your needs throughout the process. 

I also know how important it is for seller’s to get the best possible offer for their homes, which is why I will also be honest with you about what you should do to make your home as appealing as possible to buyers and what you can realistically sell it for. 

+ Educate you on the selling process - from what to expect and how to prepare
+ Prepare a comparative market analysis for your property to help price it accurately
+ Help you make any necessary repairs and stage property appropriately
+ Provide professional photography
+ Market property across all appropriate channels, including social media 
+ Conduct open houses and manage showings
+ Advise you on the terms of any offers received and help you to choose one
+ Connect you with one of my preferred attorneys 
+ Manage and coordinate your entire transaction from offer to close, including final inspections
+ Continue to be a friend, advisor and resource well after closing!

Each and every one of my clients can expect top notch service, regardless of price point. I am to make the home selling experience as stress free and fun as possible - solving most problems before you even know they exist! 

If it sounds like I could be a good fit to help you sell your home or investment property, here’s how we can get started: 


Schedule a quick 15 minute phone call to discuss your goals and set a time to meet in person


We will then meet at your house, where you will show me the property and we will discuss your timeline, the selling process, marketing strategy and pricing. 


If it’s a good fit, we get to work! I’ll schedule photographs and start collecting information from you. 




Ready to sell your home and feeling a bit overwhelmed? Click the link below to get your free guide to help you prepare for the home selling process!


As first time home buyers, Beth could not have been better for us!

She was prompt, reachable, and thorough. The thing we loved most was her ability to answer the questions we didn’t even know to ask! She gave great recommendations for attorneys and loan officers throughout, and couldn’t have been happier with our decision to go with her.

Max B,


Beth is fantastic.

She was communicative, adaptable, and it really felt like she had our best interests at heart. We've already recommended her to family and friends. She made purchasing a home as stress-free and seamless as possible!

Jaki P,


Beth was so great, she met with us and explained the process,

gave us materials, set us up with alerts, and attended the open houses with us. She helped us spot things at the open houses that we never would have thought to look for, helped us consider how much to offer, and brainstorm the best ways to construct our offer. I couldn't recommend Beth enough! We are so grateful!! 

Emily L,


Beth Mulholland was wonderful to work with,

responds quickly to any questions or concerns and always looks out for her clients best interest! It was a pleasure working with her!

Amy V,


Frequently Asked Questions

The average commission rate in MA is 5-6%, however there is no set commission rate. Commission is determined by the agent on a property by property basis depending on a variety of factors, including the price point of the property, costs the agent will incur to sell the property and the amount of time the agent will need to spend to get the property sold. 

While you want your home to look as nice as possible, not every project is worth the money spent. Usually fixing anything that is broken, tidying up/decluttering your home and doing some painting or touch ups will suffice! In certain cases, it may be worth choosing a few select projects to tackle - such as refinishing floors or remodeling an outdated bathroom - to bring your home up to par with what is on the market!

Your agent will prepare a comparative market analysis that will show you how your home compares to other recently sold homes. From there, you will be able to determine a good price point for your home given the current market conditions! There is no one correct valuation of your home, but your agent will be able to give you an idea of the best range to price your home in order to get the most interest and best offers!

This depends on the current market conditions - in a strong seller’s market, homes are often going under agreement in less than one week and closing in a month. When it becomes a strong buyer’s market, homes may sit longer as there is a larger supply than demand.

There are several ways to protect a seller in the case that they need to purchase a new home before leaving their current home. One way to do this is to incorporate language into the purchase and sale contract that protects your right to back out if suitable housing cannot be found. Alternatively, a seller can also request a use and occupancy agreement, which allows the seller to remain in the home for a set time period after closing. Another option is to request an extended closing (usually 45 or more days) to give you additional time to get a new home under agreement.